Our philosophy at LIRA Wellness is that the integration of holistic approaches increases the potential for achieving a happy and fulfilling life and sustaining long term recovery. It is our goal to enhance the overall well being of those impacted by addiction.

Our Wellness Committee

Chances are if you’re reading this you have experienced the impact of addiction in some way. Whether it’s been your personal struggle, a friend’s, a loved one’s or all of the above, you know the impact can be devastating. The results are synonymous with that of casting a pebble into a lake. The ripple effect emanates outward until it eventually encompasses the entire body of water.

This simple law of physics can be applied to the recovery process. While abstinence may be at the top of the list, there are multiple facets of an individual that need nurturing. Exploring and cultivating other areas that may have been dormant or neglected due to addiction can assist a person in recovery to not only maintain abstinence, but to thrive. Through the empowerment of self-discovery and growth we come to access inner peace as well as a renewed sense of joy, which, like a ripple in a lake radiates into all areas of our lives, our relationships, community, and yes, the universe.

Stay tuned for information and upcoming events to learn more about the different complementary, alternative methods supportive of a total wellness approach! The LIRA Wellness Committee is comprised of compassionate individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in an array of holistic practices.