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Recovery is a Reality

The Long Island Recovery Association is a grassroots organization concerned about the rights of those in recovery from or seeking help for addiction related illnesses.

LIRA was founded in January 2000 to give a voice and visible presence to the Long Island recovery community.  For too long our constituency of people in recovery and impacted family members remained underground as others made decisison affecting us, our families and friends including the enactment of discriminatory policies resulting in barriers that prevented our folks from being treated equally.

LIRA educates decision makers, policy leaders, and the community at large to reduce the negative perceptions surrounding Substance Use Disorders with the aim of building a bridge of mutual understanding to individuals in recovery, family members and those seekning a pathway that accurately reflects both the available resources and existing needs of our community.


Join the Long Island Recovery Association - LIRA and F.I.S.T. ~ Families in Support of Treatment on March 20th for the 10th Annual Friends of Recovery-New York (FOR-NY) Stand Up for Recovery Day! This is a statewide event! LONG ISLAND UNITED! THE ENGINE THAT DRIVES THE ADVOCACY TRAIN!

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