The Long Island Recovery Association is a grassroots organization concerned about the rights of those in recovery from or seeking help for addiction related illnesses.

LIRA was founded in January 2000 to give a voice and visible presence to the Long Island recovery community.  For too long our constituency of people in recovery and impacted family members remained underground as others made decisison affecting our families and friends, enacting discriminatory policies resulting in barriers, preventing our people from being treated equally.  LIRA educates policy leaders, and the community to reduce the stigma surrounding Substance Use Disorder with the intention of building a bridge of understanding between individuals and family members in recovery that accurately reflects the needs of our community. Having devoted great energy  and contributing to significnt changes in recent years we now shift our attention to the remaining issues of importance.  LIRA continues to focus on gaining support to address substandard, unregulated recovery housing with a goal of creating oversight that includes embracing recovery living spaces for those receiving  medication assisted treatment or on a similar recovery pathway. We also seek support for recovery high schools and collegiate recovery programs, access to job training and an increased investment in peer recovery support services, including:  Recovery Commuity Organzations, Recovery Coaches, Certified Peer Recovery Advocates, and Recovery Centers In addition we must continue to work until a treatment and ecovery acess on demand model beomes the norm in New York State eliminating any waiting period and preauthorizations of any kind.  Decisions about who needs treatment at which level and for what duration must be made by addiction treatment professionals on the ground in real time.  The existing dollar driven system has resulted in countless preventable deaths and devastated familes while taking a major economic toll on state resources. 

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